About Wellness Wheel

Wellness Wheel is a unique model that has been developed based on engagement with First Nations community members, leaders, and healthcare providers based on the need to find a better way to improve health outcomes for Indigenous people in Saskatchewan.  Our Wellness Wheel network is comprised of an integrated and holistic multidisciplinary team of professionals focused on providing services and programming involving four interrelated pieces of this innovative care model: 

Medical & Wellness Services:  Our experienced, multidisciplinary team of practitioners provides integrated primary, specialist and traditional and contemporary care for chronic, complex and communicable disease.  Services are delivered locally in the First Nations communities we serve to provide improved access to care.  Our team strives to achieve high quality, client-centered care that respects and supports cultural diversity – and is culturally safe.  We focus on true engagement in the community to inform our care on the ground. 

Health Education & Outreach:  To increase engagement, further empower and build capacity with the First Nation individuals, families and communities we serve, we work with communities to plan health events which include screening and testing, provision of health information and methods of reducing harm.  We truly believe our model of care is better because of the level of connection we have with our clients and communities to build understanding of their issues in support of breaking down stigmas and supporting improvement in their health outcomes. We are supporting Indigenous people in taking control of their health and quality of life. 

Research & Data Management:  Our research team members evaluate and expand our community development programs and ensure that the care we are providing through our innovative network model is realizing improved outcomes for First Nations people in Saskatchewan.  Through research and evaluation, we can better support expanding on programming needs, sharing knowledge translation to build community capacity, and support other practitioners and communities that are interested in implementing a similar model.  In addition, we are supporting the First Nation communities we work with to manage their data in compliance with OCAP® principles. 

Policy & Program Development & Advisory:  Through our innovative network model, we support stakeholders on health system and associated policy changes required for providing better care to Indigenous people in Saskatchewan in order to realize improved outcomes, address existing barriers and stigmas, and ultimately equitable access to care for all Indigenous people.