Strategic Directions

Our Values and Principles

  • Community Driven:  Indigenous peoples’ self-determination is the foundation of our values. Everything we do is focused on meeting the needs of Indigenous individuals, families and communities, based upon their input.  We support community empowerment to ensure Wellness Wheel is Indigenous led and locally adapted to meet specific needs.
  • Culturally Based: Indigenous ways of knowing, doing and being informs and guides our relationships, methods and practices. We provide accessible services in a safe, supportive environment for our clients.
  • Relationship Focused:  We work to establish trusted and respected relationships with Indigenous individuals, families and communities by being transparent as our “real selves” so our clients can be their “real self”. There is no hierarchy in our relationships and we treat every person with respect and unconditional positive regard. 
  • Strengths Based Approach:  While we do not ignore the realities of disease, we focus on a strengths based health promotion approach that facilitates wellness by building on the pathways of strength and resilience. We take a compassionate, empathetic and trauma-informed approach to ensure our clients feel safe and protected.
  • Streamlined & Patient Centered Care:  We are committed to providing outcome based care that meets the needs of an individual in a friendly and safe environment. Our multi-disciplinary team involving primary care and specialists prides itself on regular communication, within the team and to the patient, to facilitate care that minimizes the time for diagnostic tests, treatment and the need for travel.
  • Local & Action Oriented:  Community development, ownership, and capacity building are significant factors that are present at all service levels (i.e. design, delivery, implementation, and evaluation) when enhancing wellness in First Nations communities. Sustainable and effective community development initiatives involve community capacity building with a strong focus on inherent strengths within First Nations communities.
  • Ethical & Responsible: We are committed to maintaining privacy and confidentiality at all times and conducting ethical research on improving Indigenous health outcomes and outreach in compliance with the First Nations principles of OCAP® (Ownership, Control, Access and Possession).