Chelsea LaVallie is our Research Coordinator, monitoring and supporting the progression of Wellness Wheel’s research activities. Chelsea works tirelessly to keep everyone on top of meetings, share important information from said meetings, and be a friendly point of contact for internal and external communications.

Chelsea is a Metis woman from Prince Albert with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies focused on Politics. Along with her experiences as a Research Assistant, Chelsea’s interest in exploring the harmonization of Western & Indigenous health care piqued while volunteering for an HIV Mentorship Workshop. Seeing the value in community led research and medicine, Chelsea jumped on board with Wellness Wheel originally as the Administrative Assistant to our Research Director. She quickly outgrew this position and stepped into her current role as Wellness Wheel’s Research Coordinator.

When Chelsea isn’t busy keeping Wellness Wheel on track, she can be found at the lake with her family, mastering board games, and getting creative with crafts.

Need some help connecting with Wellness Wheel? Chelsea is the person to go to if you need to set up a meeting, want more information on collaborating with our team, or just need some direction on how we can help you.

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