Cody is our Communications Specialist, hired to raise public awareness of Wellness Wheel, our vision, and the unique services we provide through our social media, website, newsletters, and other distribution channels. Cody works closely with our Research Team and Clinical Team to keep on top of our latest projects, events, and news in order to share our stories with the world. Cody also serves as a contact point between community members and Wellness Wheel, connecting community members with the right people and information.

She has a colorful professional and educational background with a Masters degree in Public Health specializing in Indigenous peoples’ health, awarded with honors from the University of Victoria. Cody’s professional background includes Community Research Navigation for the Indigenous Peoples’ Health Research Centre, Facility Youth Worker for Paul Dojack Youth Centre, Case Manager for Street Culture Project, Indigenous Health Studies Instructor for First Nations University, and 15 years of supervisory marketing, media, and sales experience with local Regina businesses and agencies. Cody loves learning and is trained in Knowledge Translation, Patient Oriented Research, Victim Offender Mediation, Indigenous Trauma-Informed Care, De-Escalating Violent Situations, ASIST Suicide Intervention, and TCPS 2: Core. Cody’s work is inspired by her late Grams (Niiwak Binesii Ikwe) life experience as a Metis woman and compelled by her Gram’s late sister’s activism in advocating for Manitoba’s Indigenous population.

When Cody isn’t working at Wellness Wheel, she has dance parties in the living room with their toddler, dines out locally with friends, and volunteers with CCRezQ’s to support rural Indigenous communities in safely managing stray dog populations.