Nurse biographies

Susanne Nicolay Clinical and Project Coordinator

Maria Folk Registered Nurse

Kristin Kushneriuk Registered Nurse

Greg Riehl Practicum and Student Experience Coordinator, RN, BScN, MA graduated from University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing & earned a Masters of Arts in Professional Communications, specializing in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University. He has worked in all five domains of nursing and is currently the Indigenous Nursing Student Advisor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Greg has lead several local, provincial, and national NGOs and is the current Chair of the Canadian AIDS Society, Chair of All Nations Hope Network, and President of the Saskatchewan HIV HCV Nursing Education Organization. His passion and current research projects support his work with students and faculty, families and communities, and the next generation of nurses.

Vicky Schultz Registered Nurse