Physician biographies

Dr. Stuart Skinner Clinical Director, Dr. Skinner is a clinician investigator currently working at 10 outreach clinics serving 21 First Nation communities.  During his 7 years developing KYS, he has built strong relationships with Indigenous leaders; regional, provincial and federal health authorities, agencies and health ministers; and local clinicians. He has the respect and recognition to form effective partnerships that will build bridges between Indigenous and Western health approaches to make this project successful and scalable. He will oversee the Steering Committee and the implementation and evaluation of the project and provide clinical care in the involved communities. He has produced numerous conference presentations, publications, and abstracts on HIV care in Indigenous communities and has received financial support for research.

Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis Dermatology

Dr. Jarol Boan General Internal Medicine

Tiffany Bolingbroke Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Megan Clark Family Doctor, a family physician providing primary care in inner city populations and on-reserve in Saskatchewan. Her expertise is in women’s health, community service-learning and Aboriginal health.

Kieran Conway Family Doctor, is a rural family physician who provides full-scope primary care to settler and First Nations communities in southeast Saskatchewan.

Rosemary Courtney Family Doctor

Dr. Stephen Lee Infectious Disease, Stephen Lee is an Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine physician with an interest in Informatics.

Dr. Tom Perron General Internal Medicine

Dr. Bonnie Richardson Nephrology

Dr. Lori Schramm Family Doctor