• To provide enhanced and equitable access to care for Indigenous peoples, resulting in a reduction in incidence and complications of chronic and communicable disease such as HIV, hepatitis C, mental health, addictions, renal disease and diabetes.
  • To restore Indigenous health and wellness practices by significantly increasing Indigenous engagement in accessing care and managing health by offering access to culturally responsive and culturally safe care, including land-based and traditional healing.   
  • To work with First Nations community partners, groups, governments, and health authorities to increase health literacy, education and local capacity for First Nations people through community engagement and research. 
  • To support research projects and programs to promote health equity, address climate change and environmental and mental health impacts, and honour Indigenous health needs and values. This can be done by supporting traditional knowledge (TK) with biomedical research that documents the health and healing benefits of cultural approaches and land-based therapies. 
  • To implement and evaluate creative strategies in delivering services on the ground in communities to meet the complex needs of our patients.
  • To minimize recurrent hospitalizations, excessive emergency room visits and patient-initiated discharges (AMAs) by providing integrated and collaborative care.
  • To be leaders in providing OCAP empowerment plans for the First Nation communities we serve based on our commitment to ensuring these communities own their data.